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$250 Ad-Pak's allow you to Advertise Your Offers on HIGH Traffic Sites.

CWN's (Optional) 2-Tier Affiliate Program offers You the ability to Refer others to Purchase a $250 Ad-Pak, to earn a $25 (10%) Retail Commission and a $100 (40%) Wholesale Commission = $125 Total per Personal Retail sale. You as a Qualified Affiliate can also earn with CWN's 2-Tier Wholesale Team Cooperative Sales Program a $100 (40%) Wholesale Commission
on each $250 Ad-Pak sold within your 2-Tiers from other Affiliates on Your Team. You are Paid on every Ad-Pak sale that comes into your 2-Tier's Daily! Also, all of your Personal Retail Sales follow you into your next 2-Tiers once you have completed a (6) sale Tier, thus earning you a $125 Retail Commission for each of them over and over on their Ad-Pak re-purchases.
(*No Ad-Pak purchase required to earn)
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